I have been a researcher and collaborator with the Masamu Aadvanced Study Institute (MASI) program in southern Africa since 2014. The primary goal of the Masamu ("masamu" means mathematics in Southern Africa) Program is to enhance research in mathematical sciences within Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association (SAMSA) institutions through promotion of international research collaboration. A key component of the Masamu Program is the Advanced Study Institute and Workshop Series in mathematical sciences that provides a platform for such collaboration. Other activities include Research Workshop, Career Development Workshop, Department Heads and Chairs and Senior Research Scientists Workshop, Colloquia and Webinar Series, and AfricaMath. The target audiences of the Advanced Study Institute are graduate students and early career faculty (rank less than associate professor) while the workshops are open to students, faculty, and other researchers in the mathematical sciences.
Group of Masamu participants standing on staircase in a hotel entrance in Namibia